01. We have decided to buy a water [filter] for our tap at home in order to be sure our drinking water is clean.
02. Some whales eat by [filtering] water through their mouths, and swallowing the small animals that are trapped by a structure known as the baleen.
03. You'll need to put a good [filter] on your camera in this bright light.
04. You should either [filter] or boil your water when you go camping.
05. My wife bought a reusable coffee [filter] for her coffee machine.
06. Light [filtered] into the room through the branches of the chestnut tree outside her bedroom window.
07. My neighbors bought a water [filter] to use on their taps, but I don't think it is necessary.
08. Clams eat by taking in water through an organ called the siphon, and [filtering] out their food before expelling the excess water.
09. To measure the color of a star, scientists pass the light through [filters].
10. Many homes have a special device on their taps to [filter] their water for drinking.
11. Nose hair serves the same purpose as the air [filter] in your car.
12. To [filter] unwanted substances out of the blood, your kidneys contain thousands of tiny tubes adding up to about 40 miles in length.
13. According to Georg Simmel, urbanites cope with high levels of stimulation by developing [filtering] techniques.
14. In 1908, the process of chlorination was first used extensively at U.S. water treatment plants, producing water 10 times purer than when [filtered].
15. Elements of Buddhism [filtered] into China along the Silk Route from around the first century.
16. [Filtration] of the village's drinking water has reduced disease considerably.
17. David Suzuki notes that soil is Earth's primary [filter], cleansing and recycling water and decaying material.

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